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Since I don't do anything else with my journals I'll leave this here for all to see.
Thank you for viewing, favoriting, commenting, and whatever else you can possibly do on here.
It makes me happy to know my stuffs make you happy, or that you at least noticed them.
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A thirteen year old Blake sat atop the roof of an old, abandoned apartment building, the location of their current hideout. It was night time and the skies were devoid of any clouds. The stars could be seen shimmering in the inky darkness, and the shattering moon was in its third phase. Adam remained below inside of the building, having a well-deserved rest after another mission. A cool, gentle breeze played with Blake’s hair and tickled at her exposed kitty ears. She flicked an ear and sighed in contentment. It was nice to be able to relax like this without worry or fear of someone seeing her ears. Calm nights like this reminded her of some of the more enjoyable memories when her and Adam were on missions together. Before the two started to become distant from each other.

A twelve year old Blake stood atop a rooftop overlooking a smaller building with Adam. It was the perfect location for surveying the surroundings of a minor Schnee Dust corporation building they were to infiltrate. Adam looked over the details of their assignment once more on their shared scroll. It was a simple task, retrieve information on the next Dust shipment and how many Faunus laborers were involved with it. By gathering this data the higher ups in the White Fang could plan a way to raid the shipment and release their Faunus brethren from their shackles at the same time.

Shutting off the scroll, Adam stood at the edge of the roof, peering through his mask to gaze at the world below. Blake studied his serious stance with a mischievous smirk. With the slightest nudge she could manage, she caused the boy to lose some of his balance. She laughed at the surprised gasp and the comical way he flailed his arms about as he backpedalled onto the roof. Holding a hand over his heart, he sighed heavily in relief before fixing his gaze at Blake with a grimace on his mouth.

“What the heck Blake?! I could’ve fallen off and died!” He exclaimed.

Blake had to refrain herself from giggling at his no longer serious demeanor.

“Oh Adam, you’re too stubborn to let yourself die from something like that. Besides, I would’ve caught you. Maybe.”

Adam continued to frown at that last remark.

“Think of it as a crazy trust exercise.” Blake reassured playfully.

Adam had to laugh at that statement.

“Well next time it’ll be me initiating the exercise.”

“Like I’ll give you the chance.” Blake taunted as she stepped backwards off the rooftop and used her Semblance to descend to the streets below.

“Show off.” Adam said as he followed after her.

As the two approach their destination at the back of the building, crouched behind some bushes, Adam took out their scroll once again to examine its blueprints. In order to get the information they wanted they would need to get into the office of this corporate’s big wig. Blake peered over Adam’s shoulder at the outlines. Not too complicated for the two of them to accomplish. There were only two floors, and the office was situated at the top floor toward the very front. Perhaps it would have been simpler if they had gone through the front, but that would’ve killed the whole stealth aspect of the mission, also it would make collecting the data a bit more difficult. There were a ton of security measures marked off on the blueprint, located throughout the entire premises. Of course they were made to keep members of the White Fang, like them, out. Blake figured it would be a lot easier to slip through than implied all the various markings.

“You ready?” Adam asked as he stashed the scroll and gripped his weapon.

Blake just nodded. “Let’s go.”

Becoming the shadows haunting the grounds, the two swiftly made their way toward a single door, Blake skillfully pick-locked it and the two entered.

Scanning the hostile environment, Blake kept alert, her ears often twitching to and fro under her bow as she strained them to listen. As her night vision allowed her to adjust to the dark environment easily, she could see they were in an area full of cramped together cubicles. Carefully making their way into a small hall they proceeded towards the front of the premises. Occasionally they had to pause or hide from the patrol officers strolling about the building, or take a different route to avoid setting off any of the security measures. Luckily none of the guards were Faunus, or they would’ve been spotted on a few instances in the narrow corridors. Not that the Schnees would trust the Faunus enough for security anyways.

Finally at the office door, they entered to find an extremely large and extravagant room.

“That explains why the rest of the building is so small, the guy put all his money into his own office.” Blake commented.

Adam huffed in agreement before quickly getting to work. He plugged in a small device to the computer at the desk. It would basically do the work for them, searching through the computer’s contents to download the files they needed. All they had to do was wait. Unfortunately it was a slow process, as the White Fang had yet to acquire enough of the better technological resources for all their scouts.

Of course we get stuck with the shoddy gadgets.

However the wait wasn’t going to be all that boring, as a small beeping could be heard coming from the computer. Blake looked at Adam questioningly.

“Turns out our old tech set off a couple of security programs on here.” He gestured to the device. “Guess we’re not going ninja stealthy anymore.” He joked.

“Fine by me, I was hoping for some excitement while we wait.” Blake’s eyes lit with anticipation.

“Hey Kit-Kat.” Adam called to her.

“Don’t call me that! And what?” Blake hissed at him in annoyance at the nickname.

“How about a game of who gets the most knockouts?” He asked playfully. “It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a mission decent enough to do that.”

“You’re on.” Blake said with a smirk as she heard the voices of multiple security guards in the halls outside their door.

Adam took a place next to her, ready with his weapon at his side.

“You take the right, I get the left?” He suggested.

“Sure. Why not.” She answered as several security officers burst through the door.

The poor blokes had no idea what they were in for as the two Faunus struck. Adam charged forward and used his sheathed blade to hit them on various parts of their bodies. He struck for their weak spots, rendering them immobile and making it easier to strike the back of their heads. In most cases he just used the hilt of his sword, driving it into their abdomen before kneeing them in the face to K.O. them. Blake used the confines of the room to her advantage as she utilized her Semblance. As the guards would pour into the room and the pending chaos, Blake used their tight formation against them.

One startled security guard saw Blake charging at him with her large cleaver like weapon. On instinct he swung his stun rod at her frantically and saw her vanish into shadowy wisps. Confused the man didn’t have much time to ponder over it as soon all he would see was darkness as he fell unconscious to the floor.

Not wasting any time, Blake back flipped as another guard lashed out at her. Using her Semblance she managed to propel herself from her doppelganger behind him, as well as the other two men following him. Without hesitation she struck the back of the two unwary men’s heads with the flat of her sheath. As they crumpled to the floor the other man had just finished swiping at the clone. He turned around to find his real target, only to have his vision filled with the sight of someone’s foot before it knocked him onto the ground with his other comrades.

Blake and Adam waited a heartbeat for any other security guards to enter the room, but none came.

“That’s it?” Blake wondered aloud.

“Seems so.” Adam responded after looking out the door.

“Well. That’s disappointing.” Blake pouted slightly. “Oh, by the way, I won.” She stated afterwards.

“Yeah, yeah I know. They mostly seem headed for you for some reason.”

“Oh, don’t blame your pitiful defeat on them, just admit it already that I’m just that good.” Blake teased.

“Haha! Whatever you say Catnip.” Adam laughed at the pout of annoyance Blake had upon hearing the nickname.

“Most likely it was your mask that probably scared them off.” Blake said a little more seriously.

“At least that means it’s doing its job.” Adam tapped the mask with a finger.

Blake walked over to the computer to check the status of the device, she groaned in frustration at the screen. Adam stood next to her to see what the fuss was about, the sight on the screen making him groan in irritation also. Apparently the data was still being transferred, only being at 40% and slowly inching its way further.

“Hey, wanna snoop around this guy’s office?” Blake asked, quickly recovering from her vexation.

“Better than waiting for something ‘exciting’ to happen.” Adam shrugged.

They totally wrecked the place.
Weiss was not happy. Nope, not one bit.

She was sitting in the back of a limo with her father. Her arms crossed over her chest and a grumpy pout formed on her lips. Her father sat across from her and he let out a sigh at her ill-tempered demeanor.

"Weiss, hon, you know I'm only doing this for your own good." Her father said for the hundredth time that day. The eleven year old girl only huffed in annoyance at her father's attempt at placating her. Turning her head to the side, she looked out the tinted window to avoid her father's stern gaze.

"Weiss," He spoke severely. "Whether you like it or not you are going to take these Judo classes." Weiss continued to look out the window, but the pout had left. Mr. Schnee's eyes softened, along with his tone. "I worry about you, and I only want you to be prepared to defend yourself against those who are bigger than you."

Weiss' resolve broke, and she turned to face her father. "I understand that father, but does it have to be this?" She said while raising her hands exasperatedly in the air. "It's just so…brutish."

Mr. Schnee smiled at his daughter's depiction of the sport. "It's not that bad hon, besides fighting isn't exactly a refined business."

Weiss sighed tiredly, "I suppose you're correct father. Well, I don't see any harm in at least trying it just this once."

Mr. Schnee beamed a smile at her. "It's good to learn many things. However, if you truly believe that Judo is not for you, then you can choose to withdraw from it and we'll find something else."

"I understand." She replied.

The limo soon made its stop in front of a somewhat large building. The driver stepped around to hold open the door for the passengers, taking the young heiress' hand in a gesture of courtesy. Once both Schnees had stepped out they proceeded over to the building and entered. Upon entering they found themselves in a small room behind a glass wall. On the other side they could see a group of students wearing karate uniforms with various colored belts, they looked to be around Weiss' age, some appeared younger. They were doing various exercises ranging from sit-ups to push-ups and even some simple stretches. There were two adults, also wearing uniforms, that were among the students. One of them, a man, looked up in time to notice them and passed through a door at one far end of the glass to greet them.

"Ah, hello and welcome. You must be the new student we were expecting." He said as he looked to Weiss. "I presume that means you are Mr. Schnee?" He said to her father.

"Indeed I am. I believe things have already been settled before hand?" Mr. Schnee asked.
"Yes, yes. Everything is in order." The man said. "The judogi you had specifically ordered has already come in as well. If you'd give me a moment to retrieve it we may get you started soon."

Her father nodded his approval and the man left through another door to the right of the entrance. He reappeared within a short time, now holding a clear plastic bag containing a crisp white uniform as well as a t-shirt. Both were emblazoned with the Schnee logo.

"Now if you would follow me to the back we can have you change in the restroom, then you can join the other children."

The three passed through the door that led to the practice floor, the students staring at Weiss as she walked by. One of the students was a tall girl with long messy blonde hair about her age. As Weiss scrutinized the girl's curious lilac eyes with her austere icy blue orbs, the girl gave her a smile. Weiss felt a warmth on her cheeks and quickly looked away, brushing the odd feeling aside.

When they entered the back room her father's scroll played a tone, indicating a phone call. After finishing his conversation he looked at Weiss and regrettably informed her that something came up at the company. After reassuring him that she'd be fine on her own, he left in a rush, promising that he'd try to stay to watch her practice the next chance he got.

After changing into the uniform she was ushered out onto the practice area and introduced to the others. The instructor explained how warm up exercises were always done before the actual techniques were taught. He told her that it was best to limber up the body so that it wouldn't be stiff and more prone to injury. Much to her displeasure, she was partnered up with the messy blonde girl who had smiled at her earlier.

"Heya! I'm Yang, what's your name?" She greeted enthusiastically.

"I'm Weiss." Weiss felt a bit nervous around the exuberant blonde, opting to not make eye contact with her for too long.

"That's a pretty name. So, are ya ready to do some warm ups partner?" Yang looked at her expectantly.

"Um, yeah sure, let's start."

As calm as Yang appeared to Weiss, the bouncy blonde was in fact internally overflowing with excitement.

Finally I have a partner to practice with. Just gotta make sure I don't scare her off with my awesome skillz like everyone else. Oh man, she's so tiny and cute! I can't believe how lucky I am to work with her. I just hope when we practice our throws I don't break her or something.

After finishing their warm ups the two instructors proceeded to show them the throw they would be practicing that day. The maneuver they performed looked simple enough. As one of the instructors acted as the attacker, the defender would grab onto the upper part of the judogi firmly with one hand. The other hand would wrap around behind them to grab at the belt around their waist. The defender would then pivot while pushing their hip against the attacker, pulling them over by the side and throwing them down on the ground. The move was called Ogoshi.

Weiss had to admit that she was worried to even start practicing. Even though the instructors didn't use much force on each other, it still looked like it would hurt. Yang had noticed the white-haired girl's panicked expression and tried to reassure her.

"Don't worry princess, I'll go easy on ya." She said reassuringly.

However Weiss took slight offense to this gesture. She was pampered enough at home, she didn't want that kind of treatment from other people. Sure she was scared to be tossed on the ground, but she didn't want to be thought of as weak. A Schnee is prideful, and she didn't want this girl looking down on her.

As everyone commenced practicing the two got into position. Yang went first in order to elaborate further on the technique to make sure Weiss understood. After being thrown three times Weiss wasn't a happy camper.

Still feeling irritated, when it was Weiss' turn to throw the blonde she decided to use her Semblance to alter Yang's gravitation. It made the taller girl easier to lift and throw, leaving the blonde stunned. Yang hadn't noticed the glyph that appeared under her at first, too busy worrying about whether Weiss could actually lift her, though she had felt something was off. On the third throw Yang glimpsed an odd symbol below her as she was tossed onto the ground once again. At first she was confused, maybe Weiss was making her see things after those first couple throws, but then she realized what was happening. Weiss was probably using her Semblance. This made Yang angry, she really disliked cheaters, and it didn't matter that Weiss was new. She should've known better.

Weiss was feeling smug at being able to return the treatment back on Yang, but she was soon surprised by a sudden burst of flames. Looking at the now standing Yang, she saw the girl's body surrounded by fire. The once playful lilac eyes were now a burning crimson. Weiss yelped as Yang grabbed her roughly, shoving her hips forward to raise her up. Weiss ended up being turned sideways and was then slammed on her back to the ground. Yang had executed a perfect Ushiro-goshi.

Weiss was in a daze as she tried to regain focus after the take down. She could hear murmurs of worry and see one of the instructors rush over to her. After the dizziness left she slowly sat up, with the help of the instructor. After seeing that she was not injured terribly he whipped his head over at Yang.

"Miss Xiao Long, how many times have I told you not to use your Semblance in Judo." He scolded.

"It's not my fault, she started it!" Yang pointed desperately at Weiss. "She was using some weird circle symbol on me to throw me easier."

The instructor looked at the recovering Weiss. "Is this true?" Weiss nodded her head slowly, embarrassed at the turn of events.

"I see. I suppose that may be my own fault, seeing as I had forgotten to mention that to you." He said apologetically. "However, Long, that does not excuse you from using yours. You should have known better than to behave that way to a new student." He reprimanded. "Why, I should hold you back a rank."

Yang's expression turned into one of panic. "Oh please don't sensei!" She pleaded.

Before he could answer Weiss motioned a hand to grab his attention. "That won't be necessary, in fact she was right to do that." Weiss sighed exhaustedly. "I should have known better than to use my Semblance in a solely physical activity such as this, so the fault is all mine."

Yang looked at Weiss incredulously. She was actually defending her, even after being nearly broken by that throw. The instructor gave Weiss a final look over before conceding. He attempted to have Weiss sit out the rest of the class, but the girl would not hear of it. Her father paid for her to take these classes, and she would not have his efforts go to waste. After settling the other students down they continued their exercises. Weiss stood in front of Yang, looking at her expectantly. Yang nervously played with her hair as she attempted to apologize for nearly breaking the small girl.

"Sorry about that, I guess. It's just that, I thought you were actually getting the hang of it. So when I saw you using your Semblance I kinda lost it." She explained.

Weiss nodded approvingly. "Apology accepted. I must apologize as well, as I said, I should have known better and I regret my actions."

"I guess that means you don't want to practice with me anymore, huh?" Yang said despondently.

Weiss surprised her by saying, "Nonsense. In fact, I want you to teach me that move you just did." Weiss smiled at her making Yang blush slightly.

"Uh, yeah. Sure! I'll teach you all the awesome skillz I know." Yang bragged.

Weiss giggled at the blatant show of arrogance. "Uh huh, whatever you say. Show me your ways 'sensei'." She mocked.

"Hey, don't make fun of me! I didn't earn this red belt by just talking y'know."

Over the next few weeks Weiss was able to learn several techniques, and with the extra pointers from Yang she found ways to use her small stature to her advantage. Soon she earned her white obi, then red, and yellow after that. Yang had made it to the higher rank of an orange obi at this point. Now that Weiss had earned herself a higher rank color obi, she was confident enough to partake in tournaments.

During her many practices, her father had been unable to sit in on any of the sessions. Company duties had kept him thoroughly busy, leaving no time for him to watch his daughter practice. However, he made definitely sure that he wouldn't miss out on her first tournament. Making sure no appointments or meetings were booked during the time the tournament would take place.

The building in which the tournament would take place was packed. Weiss had no idea there were so many other children partaking in the sport. It was quite crowded with all of the parents and relatives there to spectate, making Weiss feel a bit nervous. Yang had stuck by her side the entire time, when she noticed Weiss fidgeting she gave her a rough pat on the back. Weiss stumbled forward a little from the unexpected force and glared at Yang. The blonde only gave her a goofy grin, easing Weiss' worries greatly.

Matches were dependent on weight divisions, so the two girls would not have a chance to compete against one another. Since Weiss was so petite she fell into a different weight category than Yang. Weiss was relieved by this fact, mostly because Yang would be cheering her on in the audience. Also because she knew Yang would probably slam her down on the ground again like on her first day.

Stepping into the arena as her match was starting, Weiss saw her opponent was a girl with short black hair and determined green eyes. The announcer had stated both girls' names, her opponent was Militiades Malachite, though he kept stumbling over the first name. It wasn't until a man dressed in a white dress shirt with a black vest over it and black dress pants whispered in the announcer's ear that he resorted to saying Militia. She wore a blue judogi instead of the general white. It made it easier for the judges to differentiate between the two fighters. The girl had the same colored belt as Weiss. Good, Weiss wanted a challenge. The two girls entered the arena square and bowed to each other, as was required, before getting into a defensive stance.

As the referee started the round, the two girls closed the distance between them immediately, Militia swiftly grabbed a hold on Weiss' uniform. However Weiss would not be fazed by this and countered with her own grab, her other hand locking with Militia's in her attempt to throw her. While they were at a stalemate above, their feet constantly moved in an effort to knock each other off balance. Weiss was able to hook her heel around the other girl's ankle, pulling her leg out from under her. Militia tumbled toward the side twisting her body at the right moment to make Weiss score only a Yuko. As Weiss maneuvered to pin Militia in an osaekomi, the referee called it off and the two girls returned to their initial positions.

Tch. Not even close to getting an ippon and winning the match. Looks like I have to get more serious then. Weiss thought.

As the two girls grappled each other once more, Militia gained the upper hand this time. Weiss had timed a step incorrectly, causing her to lose some of her balance and grip on Militia. Luckily she fell face forward, preventing Militia from gaining any points. Militia attempted to pin down Weiss so that she could do an osaekomi, but the agile heiress prevented her from doing it correctly. Seeing the struggle lead nowhere the referee had them reset their positions once again.

This girl is a lot better than I thought. Better end this soon before she gets an ippon.
This time the girls were more cautious with their distance. Reaching out a hand to only grab air or have their grip slip off the judogi. Weiss had been so focused on the match she nearly forgot about Yang and her father in the audience. She could hear Yang cheering her on fervently.

"C'mon Weiss, you've got this! Take her down!"

As the girls once again found themselves grappling each other and attempting to trip their opponent, Militia's effort at performing a throw faltered, giving Weiss an opportunity. Weiss was able to sweep one of her legs between Militia's and pulled it back across the dark haired girl's left leg. As the back of their heels connected Weiss was able to cause her opponent to fall on her back onto the ground, performing a smooth Ouchi-gari. She fell along with the girl as she maintained her grip on the judogi. Weiss laid her body horizontally across Militia's, successfully pinning her in an osaekomi just in case the ippon was actually a waza-ari. At hearing the judges' call that she got the winning point Weiss removed herself from her opponent. She had won her first tournament match. The crowd cheered and applauded while Weiss helped her opponent up. She couldn't help but smile at Yang's rambunctious hollering. After bowing down respectively to each other the two girls walked off the arena to their teams.

As soon as Weiss took one step off the mat she was immediately scooped up by a boisterous blonde, who began twirling the two in a circle and laughing cheerfully. Weiss squeaked in surprised and scolded the girl for frightening her, but soon she joined in with Yang's infectious enthusiasm. When Yang finally stopped and set the small girl down the two continued to be lost in their own world until Mr. Schnee approached. Yang moved aside bashfully as he made his way to Weiss. Although he was smiling in his eyes there was worry, which went unnoticed by the two girls.

It wouldn't be until a few weeks after the tournament that Yang would no longer see Weiss entering the dojo for practice. And it wouldn't be until months later that Yang would see the daughter of the Schnee Company on television, competing in a Vale Private Schools Fencing League.


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It makes me happy to know my stuffs make you happy, or that you at least noticed them.
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